Template for 144 Harmonics

We hold the intention to build strongly the inner core foundation to house our entire inner spiritual light
presence and to prepare our bodies to hold the Krystal Aegis breastplate to restring the full octave of each of the 12 harmonic dimensions.
Build physical body and lightbody structure in alignment to the Law of Harmonics in Gods Perfect Law of Architecture for the Christos.
Align Light Symbol Codes and Crystal Keylons in Divine alignment to Sound and Light
Fusion with Axiom lines and DNA chain and DNA double helix bonded to the Eternal God Body connected to Christic PLASMIC WAVES for Base Tones,
Overtones and Interdimensional Tone Resonators of Krystahala. Repeat KA RA YA SA TA AA LA and focus on your Krystal Aegis Breastplate,
imagine each gemstone on the breastplate glowing and emanating its quality of frequency of liquid light as you say each of the tones.
You will hear the tone played to keep your focus on the rhythm moving through the scale of each harmonic.
We will do this exercise 12 times to complete the entire pattern of 144 subharmonic strings.

144 144000

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